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Why It’s Better To Remove A Concrete Driveway Before Laying Asphalt

Concrete Driveway Preparation For Asphalt

If you are willing to invest in an asphalt driveway, do not settle for installing it over an existing concrete surface. Your new pavement needs a strong foundation to guarantee longevity and prevent future disasters. By properly preparing the site before installation, your asphalt driveway will be guaranteed to last years down the road!

To ensure your new asphalt driveway lasts up to 20 years, it is essential that you hire an experienced contractor for proper installation. Digging and breaking up concrete driveways before laying down asphalt are more advantageous compared to other methods of paving – here’s why.

You’ll Need a Strong Concrete Base

Crafting a strong driveway is essential for lasting durability, and asphalt and concrete contractors have distinctive techniques to ensure this. For the best results, select your contractor carefully.

To ensure a long-lasting driveway, it is essential to develop a strong base for an asphalt surface. An experienced contractor will lay down thicker concrete slabs while focusing on constructing a solid foundation. This goes beyond what would be done with simply laying concrete and helps guarantee durability over the years ahead.

Your Asphalt Driveway Will Last Longer

Nobody likes having to pay for asphalt driveway repair prematurely. For this reason, it is essential that all old concrete driveways are removed prior to pouring new asphalt. Providing a sturdy foundation will make your driveway last longer as the temperature continues to fluctuate, which would otherwise cause contraction and expansion of the asphalt material. Concrete does not offer enough stability so therefore it is unable to give your driveway what it needs in order for conditions remain optimal over time.

Without uncovering the foundational state of your concrete driveway, any contractor cannot guarantee its secure anchoring; it is possible that the ground underneath may sink or move.

You’ll Save Money in Landscaping Repairs

Asphalt paving can be a more cost-effective alternative to concrete on driveways. But in the long run, this may cause you more money due to potential cracks and potholes occurring as a result of shifting or sinking ground beneath your driveway’s surface. To truly save cash in the future, our customers often spend extra for installation right away at first—ensuring that their driveway will remain beautiful for many years without needing costly repairs down the line.

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